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BKK VBU – Your new and powerful health insurer

Exclusive health-care benefits, individual counselling and first-rate customer service. Providing insurance coverage to approximately 460,000 members, BKK VBU is among the 30 largest health insurance funds in Germany. BKK VBU is an open health insurance fund that operates across the country and maintains more than 40 local service centres.
BKK VBU is a modern health-care service provider. We employ around 1000 qualified representatives that will be happy to help you and give expert advice on whichever query you may have with regard to your health insurance.
If you prefer talking to an English-speaking representative, you are very welcome to use our English-speaking telephone hotline under (0800) 1656616* which is open from Monday-Thuersday  8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. and on Friday 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m, or simply send us an e-mail via info@bkk-vbu.de

*calls from German land lines and mobile networks are free of charge

The german social security system

BKK VBU is a statutory health insurer and as such part of the German social security system.
Altogether, the German social security network relies on the following five pillars:

  • health insurance
  • old-age pension funds
  • statutory accident insurance
  • unemployment insurance
  • long-term care insurance

The German social security network was conceived to provide comprehensive protection from the risks and vicissitudes of life. Therefore, given the social security funds’ mandate by law to provide coverage, almost any person in Germany is automatically insured and registered with the relevant social security schemes once he or she enters his or her working life (compulsory insurance).
The social security schemes are primarily financed through contributions both paid by the employees and their employers. Calculation of the contribution rates paid to the respective insurance funds is based on the employee’s individual financial ability, that is to say her/his gross income. Your employer will automatically deduct your contributions to the social security schemes from your salary or wage, and will pay both your share and his share to the relevant social security carriers.

As a member of BKK VBU you will be entitled to hold an eHealth Card (eGK) which you must carry with you and show at the reception desk of your medical centre or your doctor’s surgery
whenever you seek medical assistance. Your doctor will then settle with BKK VBU directly the costs that may incur for any medically necessary treatment. Invoices submitted to BKK VBU to cover for preliminary private medical services will be reimbursed only upon prior consultation with us.
Joining BKK VBU is as easy as that: Download our benefit fact sheet and the individual membership application forms:

  1. BKK VBU Benefits Fact Sheet, in English language
  2. Your health in good Hands
  3. Convincingly good
  4. Membership declaration form in German language, with form-completion guide in English language

Sample Cancellation Letter

We are happy to assist you with the cancellation of your membership with your current health insurer. To make your switch to BKK VBU as easy and straightforward as possible we have prepared two sample cancellation letters for your convenience. All you have to do is print out, fill in and sign our sample cancellation letters, and send them to your current health insurer. As soon as your current health insurer has confirmed your request for cancellation in writing, please forward to BKK VBU your membership application form with the aforesaid confirmation letter attached to it.

Sample cancellation letter

Our contact Details

Lindenstraße 67
10969 Berlin

Telephone: (0800) 1656616*
E-Mail: info@bkk-vbu.de

*calls from German land lines and mobile networks are free of charge